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Power In Samples

( Why must I always title these posts with not-so-clever lines...?)More Jurassic 5... OH YEAH! So this morning I must admit, I went with plan B. There was a list of J-5 songs I wanted to explore, but many of them got the best of me. Cut Chemist and NuMark dig a little too deep for me. I found a lot of useful info on many of my favorite samples, but I found that I had NONE of these tracks.So One that I've always thought would be a good option, was the single from their POWER IN NUMBERS album, What's Golden.Scratches sound like something you've heard before?Well that's because it's from one of the greatest rap albums ever made...Public Enemy's IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK!That's all good, but this is the sample I wanted to air, but couldn't find the original record...Check out this original!WOW!

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