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Eric Gales sheds some Daylight on Aesop Rock

I have a loyal listener who calls me quite often on my morning show. For the purposes of this post, we will call him A. When A calls, he often shares with me his sample knowledge of his favorite Hip Hop artist... AESOP ROCK. I remember the first time I heard Aesop Rock, I was living with my old band-mates on the east side and my friend James popped in the new CD from Def Jux Records. I'd NEVER heard anyone rap like this guy. It opened my definition of good Hip Hop.One of my favorite songs from this album, was DAYLIGHT.This song uses a sample from a song that, I personally, would have NEVER thought to sample. Aesop got a great little bit of melody from the song " She Is My Lady" by Eric Gale.Eric Gale is one of those great unsung heroes of music. A studio musician who we have all heard time and time again, but we just never knew it. He's worked with Aretha Franklin, Bob James, Paul Simon, Quincy Jones, Nina Simone, Grover Washington, Jr., Herbie Mann,, Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, and Al Jarreau. Wow! What a resume huh?

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