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Hello all!It's been a while since my last 7 o'clock sample post. I was under the weather for the past week, but I'm back and I'm back with a SUPER FUNKY sample.I've been a big Basement Jaxx fan since my first paying DJ job in college. Back in 1999, I got a job in the UW-Milwaukee dormitory "night club". I was only 17, but I'd already been DJing for a year. I knew how to use the gear, but I didn't know how to rock a crowd. I learned a lot from that first gig, and one of my favorite dance floor killers, were the Basement Jaxx. This song in particular was a big hit for me...This super funky jam came year's before in the form of a number by a rare funk-jazz group called Locksmith. That jam was called, FAR BEYOND.Locksmith is the band that played with Grover Washington Jr. during the late 70s, their funky album was released in 1980 on Arista Records. THAT'S WHY IT'S SO FUNKY!!!!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee