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"Meet The Need": Day 6 | Irma Ypez Claussen, Select Milwaukee


Listen: For Meet The Need number 6 of 50, we touch a side of the campaign that diverges a bit from our focus so far. Select Milwaukee provides guidance to prospective homeowners as well as services to folks facing foreclosure. One could reasonably ask how Select Milwaukee fits into a campaign revolving around human needs. Shelter is certainly a basic need, but few would argue homeownership is a need. Really, how do we do we draw the boundary between needs and wants and aspirations? Those are questions we asked during the process of putting this campaign together. First, we determined that basic needs are the essentials an individual needs to survive -- food, shelter, and clothing. So, if we consider basic needs as primary needs and take a look at how the larger system, what would we consider secondary needs? What is essential to ensure that folks can provide for their own baseline? A few things come to mind immediately, like education, job access, health care. But as we dig a little deeper, we find something a bit harder to nail down -- community. Irma Yépez Claussen, Associate Director at Select Milwaukee, explains in these pieces why homeowners, in any community, are essential to its health:

-An introduction to Select Milwaukee -- creating healthy neighborhoods through home ownership: -How Select Milwaukee was formed as a task group to break down barriers to home ownership: -A staff that shifted from the corporate to the consumer side, looking to make a greater impact with their work: -Irma tells the story of a special buyer: -The importance of a home to an individual and the importance of homeowners to a community: For more information on Select Milwaukee visit their website , and if you'd like to help Select Milwaukee meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here . P r o d uced by: Adam Carr