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"Meet The Need": Day 8 | Genice Linder, Pathfinders

Listen: Entering our second week of Meet The Need, Day 8 of 50, we hear about a class of clear and serious need that often goes unheard. Pathfinders, formerly the Counseling Center, provides services to homeless and runaway youth and their families. While cases of homelessness due to poverty are rising in Milwaukee, teen homelessness is commonly caused by instability in a teen's home environment. In most cases the conflict can be resolved, but not without a catalyst. Genice Linder, Development and Communications Director at Pathfinders, describes the problem of teen homelessness in our community and how they work to get youth back to a safe environment:

-An introduction to Pathfinders and the problem of homeless youth: -Pathfinders, formerly The Counseling Center, began as a collaboration between Three Holy Women Church and The Underground Switchboard. A little bit of history: -Genice puts a face on homeless youth: -Pathfinders goes beyond just providing shelter -- they work with youth to fix the problems that caused them to leave their home: -The story of a young man who was homeless and going down the wrong path before he got support from Pathfinders: For more information on Pathfinders visit their website , and if you'd like to help Pathfinders meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here . P r o d uced by: Adam Carr