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"Meet The Need": Day 9 | Jane Ayder & Madeline Gianforte, CORE/El Centro

Listen: Meet The Need, Day 9 of 50 brings us CORE/El Centro, an organization that offers individuals of all income levels access to natural and healing therapies. Located on the near South Side in Walker's Point, CORE's services include Chinese medicine, massage therapy, energy work, and wholistic experience. As you consider CORE, the first question that comes to mind may be, "what do natural and healing therapies have to do with basic needs?" Well, that's the exact question I asked Jane and Madeline, Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors of CORE/El Centro, and they rose to the challenge. While those services are usually considered to be supplementary to a person's well being, health is not always so single-dimensional: -Madeline introduces CORE/El Centro and their mission: -A woman undergoing chemotherapy came to CORE/El Centro and their services helped her reclaim her life: -Jane describes the population CORE serves, as well as the kind of folks that work there: -A spa in a low income community? It might seem that way at first: -Together, Madeline and Jane describe why health is a basic need: For more information on CORE/El Centro visit their website , and if you'd like to help CORE/El Centro meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here . P r o d uced by: Adam Carr