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"Meet The Need": Day 17 | The Hunger Task Force, Sherrie Tussler

Listen: We spend Day 17 of 50 with a big name in serving basic needs in our community -- the Hunger Task Force. For whatever reason, as I grew up in Milwaukee, I was always under the impression that the Hunger Task Force was a national organization like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Perhaps it's because their name seems to be ubiquitous, especially around the holiday season. Perhaps it's because their iconic food bank on Hawley Road had effectively wormed its way into my subconscious after countless passes on the highway. Or perhaps it's because they do a lot of good work in our city. They're much more than a name too. In these pieces Executive Director Sherrie Tussler paints a picture of how the Hunger Task Force works to end hunger in the present and the long run: -A quick spin through the numbers and operations of the Hunger Task Force: -In a state that pride itself on farming like Wisconsin, why are people hungry? The Hunger Task Force uses that question to drive its work in policy: -Challenge your assumptions about who is hungry: -The Hunger Task Force were there for the workers who were temporarily unemployed after the fire at the Patrick Cudahy Plant: For more information on the Hunger Task Force visit their website , and if you'd like to help the Hunger Task Force meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can c ontact them here . P r o duced by: Adam Carr