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"Meet The Need": Day 21 | The Walker's Point Youth and Family Center, Todd Witt

Listen: Day 21 of 50, finishing off our third week of Meet The Need, we revisit the issue of youth homelessness with the Walker's Point Youth and Family Center, an organization that meets the needs of runaway, homeless, and troubled youth and their families from Milwaukee’s diverse communities by providing help to resolve personal and family problems. While there is certainly an emergency component to youth homelessness, the work that must be done to establish or reestablish a safe and stable home environment is equally important. In these pieces, Program Director Todd Witt gives very clear explanations of how youth become homeless, what the consequences are, and how they can be reunited with their family effectively: -Not familiar with youth homelessness? Even if you are, its sources may surprise you: -The path of a youth and his family from homelessness to a place where they can give back: -Todd walks us through their emergency shelter, giving a bit more intimate look at the work they do: For more information on the Walker's Point Youth and Family Center visit their website , and if you'd like to help the Walker's Point Center meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here . P r oduced by: Adam Carr