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Listening Party Records

This morning, Jordan had the pleasure of welcoming Andy Menchal and Nicholas Sanborn of Listening Party Records into the 88NINE studios. Listening Party is a new record label based and founded right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that specializes in high quality, limited edition vinyl releases and pay-what-you-like downloads.And and Nick have both had an amazing journey as artists and musicians, and they've taken that experience, along with a lot of intuition about the recording industry, and created this groundbreaking new label.For the collectors, Listening Party produce high quality vinyl in hand-numbered editions of 500 with individually silkscreened artwork. This approach is perfect for record nerds like us here at 88NINE.For the more casual listener, they offer every record we release in multiple high-end formats (320kbps mp3, FLAC, etc) as a pay-what-you-like download because we want everyone to have access to great music. Also great for those of us who having trouble making the car payment each month!Listen here for more on our talk this morning...And if you'd like more info on Listening Party, check out their website!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee