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Astrud Gilberto Chemistry Lesson

When ever I present a 7 O'Clock sample, I strive to educate our listeners on the art form that is sampling. While there are many, countless examples of bad use of sampling, there are just as many amazing ones.Each episode of 7 O'Clock sample explores a different approach to sampling. So many different artists use this technique is so many different ways.For me, one of my favorite samplers is former Jurassic 5 deejay and producer CUT CHEMIST. In 2005, Cut Chemist released his first solo album entitled The Audience's Listening. It contained some great tracks, but few as great as this one...The Garden.Cut sampled up a piece of Brazilian gold, when he grabbed Astrud Gilberto's Look to the Rainbow LP. This Verve classic was released in 1965 and contains some of her best works, including the track Berimbau.

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