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De La Soul with Paul McCartnery. That's Simply Wonderful!

To wrap up the year, I've decided to pull out some Holiday editions of the Seven O Clock Sample. Today's is not a Holiday track by definition, but it does sample a Holiday classic.In 2001, De La Soul released the 2nd of what was planned to be a 3 disc series, Art Official Intelligenece : BIONIX.

The AOI sereies was inended to be a 3 disc project, however Tommy Boy soon folded as a label, cutting short any further production.One of my personal favorites in this album is the track SIMPLY.It does not take long to recognize where that sample comes from...

Wonderful Christmastime is one of the most recognizable Paul McCartney songs ever. It's become a Christmas Classic and I would have never guessed it would be sampled by De La Soul!!!

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