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Freebie: Selected 2009 tracks from 4AD records

Indie labels had a great year in 2009. Every time I got a package from labels like Warp, Ninja Tune, Rhymesayers, and other indie labels, I got excited. The same excitement can't be said for the major labels. These indie labels take pride in putting the music first and not some crazy gimmick. The label 4AD is no different, and to show the quality of music they released in 2009, they are giving a track away from every record they released this year.From 4AD:

To celebrate another year of quality 4AD recordings you are able to click through HERE to download a track from each of the records we released in 2009, featuring Atlas Sound, The Big Pink, Camera Obscura, The National, Deerhunter, Tune-Yards, M.Ward, St. Vincent and more. Thanks for all the support. Click the button below to be taken through the player and embed codes to send the Yuletide message on, as well as the opportunity to win all the records released on 4AD this year.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee