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Apple taking your music to new "heights"

Apple has re-invented the music industry. From the iPod to the iTunes, they have completely rewrote the book on music distribution. To be fair, Napster had a big role in that and the labels could of have been the first, but suing kids look more attractive. Well Apple is taking it one more giant leap forward or better yet higher. They want to put your music in the internet "cloud" so you can stream it from anywhere. With the purchase of the streaming music service, Apple is a little closer to reaching their goal. The next step is dealing with the "holders" of the music, the labels.

Apple executives have spoken to the top four recording companies about plans to offer a streaming music service free of charge to consumers, multiple music industry sources toldCNET....Apple's managers haven't revealed many details about their plans but did discuss offering iTunes users a means to store copies of their music libraries on Apple's servers. The benefits to an iTunes user would include the ability to back up music and access songs off the Web from any Internet-connected device and conceivably from anywhere in the world....Apple's song downloads apparently aren't affected. Apple has told some music executives that they see the streaming feature as a "value add" that could help stimulate download sales. Apple indicated in talks that the streaming service could be ready to roll out as soon as this spring.

The rumor is Apple will launch to provide this service, which you can see the beginning in the works right now.Is this a good thing?