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"Make Milwaukee": Week 1 | Wild Space's By Accident And Necessity

Listen: After our first long day of recording following a long series of phone calls and e-mails, I thought of an analogy for my relationship with Rick -- I took him hostage, and he took me hostage right back. I can only speak for myself, but it actually felt kinda nice. In fact,the results of Stockholm Syndrome have never sounded so good. Taking the hostage metaphor to heart, on a cold Friday morning, Rick and Yuki brought me to a nondescript warehouse on the cusp of the Third and Fifth Wards. But rather than all the usual captor/captive stuff, Rick and Yuki showed me around the building, giving me a tour of the space the Wild Space Dance Company is using for this weekend's show. Listen as Rick, Yuki, and I explore a big, beautiful, empty space that's been/being transformed into a wild multi-media experience:


-Out take! Rick gives a more in depth explanation of how the fifth floor will be transformed for the show: -If the whole "ballet thing" doesn't pan out for Yuki, she could definitely have a successful run as a world champion elevator operator. She's actually really good:

To learn more about Wild Space, visit their website . Also, they are currently working hard, putting the final touches on the space and show as I type. It's going to be amazing. Get your tickets now by follwing this link ! I'm going to right now.

P r oduced by: Adam Carr

Yuki in the future performance space.