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"Make Milwaukee": Week 1 | The Milwaukee Ballet's Innovative Motion


Listen: If a smaller band plays Milwaukee, do they choose Mad Planet or Cactus Club? Y-Not III or Club Garibaldi? Stonefly or the Miramar? When a musical act tours, they need to select their venues carefully -- of course a room's size is important, but the feeling of a venue can effect the energy and character of the show. No stranger to how a performance space can shape a performance, Rick Clark, along with his wife Yuki, brought me inside the Pabst Theater to talk about an art form that's not commonly seen on their familiar stage -- the abstract dance of Milwaukee Ballet's Innovative Motion, a culmination of the Milwaukee Ballet's 2009 International choreographic competition. Listen as Rick and Yuki discuss the space and the show: Even if his wife weren't gracing the Innovative Motion stage, this collaboration would resonate with Rick. Listen as he explains why the concept for the show gets him excited:

For more information on the Milwaukee Ballet, follow this link.  Also, make sure you check out the  Milwaukee Ballet's Innovative Motion, including Points before Pints, where our very own DJ Marcus Doucette will be spinning.

Produced by: Adam Carr

Perhaps your most familiar mental picture of the Pabst