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"Make Milwaukee": Week 2 | Alverno Presents' David Ravel

Wonderful Alverno Presents graphics from Milwaukee's Dwellephant

Listen: Welcome to Week 2 of Make Milwaukee, our romp through Milwaukee's creative community guided by capable tour guides from the creative community itself. After a consistently spectacular first week of guidance from Rick and Yuki Clark, they pass the helm to two amazing folks from the United Community Center -- Artistic Director of Latino Arts Inc., Zulay Oszkay, and Director of the Latino Arts Strings Program, Dinorah Marquez. The first piece of Week 2 belongs to Zulay, as she introduces us to David Ravel of Alverno Presents. David and Zulay are longtime colleagues and there was a spark in her voice when she spoke about the programming at Alverno Presents. Perfect. But what would our angle be? Easy -- a couple weeks ago, Zulay and David had gone to New York to do some (and this was her word) "shopping." Wait... shopping? Really? Zulay meant shopping for talent. They had attended the  APAP Conference, which is part networking, part business, a whole lot of hitting the town, and an unparalleled marketplace for all things performing arts. Perhaps most importantly, APAP is a great resource for talent-seeking folks like Zulay and David, exposing them to world class performers to bring to our city. Listen as David remembers seeing Martiza Forero for the first time, and how she was subsequently received by his Milwaukee audience:

Some unused audio from our interview -- Zulay and David discuss how they've built their audience in Milwaukee and how they tackle the challenges of drawing in new folks to their shows:

For more information on Alverno Presents' 50th season, follow this link . Here at RadioMilwaukee, we're especially excited about their next concert on February 13th, as they welcome Luciana Souza, Cyro Baptista, and Romero Lumbabo to Milwaukee. Definitely worth checking out -- we'll be there!

Produced by: Adam Carr

Pitman Theater -- where Alverno Presents usually presents itself.