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"Make Milwaukee": Week 3 | Stop 4 of 9: Neon Danger AKA Alyssa Schulte

(Photo by Cortney Heimerl)

Listen: No rest for the wicked. Stop 4 of 9 with Cortney and Faith as we hopscotch across Milwaukee's creative community -- Neon Danger AKA multi-talented artist Alyssa Schulte.

When we walked through the door of her home, I was immediately struck by all of the stunning art hanging on her wall and lining her shelves. As Alyssa began to tell us about her approach to making art (listen to the out take below), I knew she'd be able to make her art-making process clear by describing one of her artworks. And boy, did she do a good job. A little bit of show and tell from Alyssa: The entire afternoon, we were on a tight schedule with Faythe as the organizer/time keeper, and she runs a tight ship. However, I'm sure we all wanted to spend hours in Alyssa's house, poking around every nook and cranny, poring over her art and accumulated objects. Artists, or at least that one, sure know how to decorate.

(Photo by Cortney Heimerl)

-Out takes! Alyssa talks about her approach to making art moments before we delved into her awesome and colorful painting description:

-Cortney asks Alyssa about Milwaukee's art community and what projects she has coming up:

Last but not least, Alyssa talks about the wedding party's response to their wedding-present-painting:

Want to get deeper inside the Neon Danger universe? Well, you can start by checking out her blog! Additionally, you can check out more photograph's of Alyssa's work and wonderfully decorated home, including details of the painting discussed above, on Faythe's Flickr account.

Produced By: Adam Carr

Interview By: Cortney Heimerl

(Photo by Faythe Levine)