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"Make Milwaukee": Week 3 | Stop 8 of 9: Nick and Andy of Listening Party Records

Nice shirt, Nick. Geez. (Photo by Faythe Levine)


Listen: I'm not an expert on numerology or anything, but we are now 8/9ths through Faythe and Cortney's tour, which with the appropriate rounding, is equivalent to the decimal .889. Point 88Nine. Probably a good sign, right? Stop 8 of 9 -- Nick Sanborn and Andy Menchal of brand new Milwaukee-based record label, Listening Party. We sat down with Nick and Andy on a big couch, and they talked record label:

They've got a big year planned, so I'm sure you'll hear their name quite a bit in the upcoming months. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

(From the Listening Party Website)

-More Listening Party for your listening pleasure! Nick talks about how Listening Party approaches releasing music (also, he very appropriately drops the term "uber-nerd"):


-Clearly, starting and running a label requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Nick and Andy talk about why they've made such a big commitment: -A look at how Listening Party approached releasing Decibully as their first record and what their plans are for the future:

Want to hear and see what Andy and Nick are talking about? First off, you can hear Decibully' single "Somewhere In The World" on 88Nine, and of course, you can support them by checking out their website and snapping up some of their amazing music.

P r oduced By: Adam Carr

Interview By: Faythe Levine

Music By: Decibully, Lookbook, Decibully, Lookbook (in order)

(Photo by Faythe Levine)