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"Make Milwaukee": Week 3 | Stop 9 of 9: Austin Dutmer of Jaill

(Photo by Faythe Levine) Listen: And we made it to the end in one piece (actually 9 pieces throughout the course of the week). Stop 9 of 9 in Cortney and Faythe's masterfully curated week-long feature of Milwaukee's creative community is Austin Dutmer, drummer in the band Jaill. Having recently signed to the major indie label Subpop, the next year will see a lot of folks wanting a piece of this band. In the calm before the storm, Austin invited us down into his basement and shares some candid reflection about where they've been and where they're going:

I've been listening to their album "There's No Sky (Oh My My)" non-stop lately and I am in love with this music. Rumor has it that they recorded an album for Subpop in January, so look out for fresh stuff from them soon!

(Photo from

-Want more Jaill? You got it! A history of how the band came to be (a "Jaillnealogy" if you will...):

-A look into Jaill's process of putting out their own records and getting signed by Subpop:

-I included a bit of this tape in the actual piece, but here is Faythe's entire statement. This one is definitely worth a listen, as Faythe does a wonderful job tying together all the ideas from the week:

More than anything else, Jaill is an awesome band from Milwaukee and you really ought to hear their music. You can r ead about them all over the internet, and hear their music on their Myspace page.

P r o duced By: Adam Carr

Interview By: Cortney Heimerl and Faythe Levine

(Photo by Faythe Levine)