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"Make Milwaukee": Week 4 | True Skool's Urban Arts Program

Jasmine! (Photo by Sarah Patterson's iPhone)

Listen: On 48th and Fond Du Lac, above Urban Underground, I visited True Skool for the first time. I walked up the stairs and the low buzz of hip hop got louder and louder as I climbed. At the top, I peaked my head into a big, open room and what did I find? A bunch of teenagers sketching at a table and a few more constructing a big frame from wood and screws. I found a bunch of aspiring artists.

True Skool's Urban Arts Program channels the creativity of interested youth into graffiti/street/urban art. Jasmine Barmore, Urban Arts Instructor and one of our tour guides for this week, introduces us to this wonderful program at True Skool:

Of course, that was just an audio piece, which can only give you one side of the story. The art these kids produce speaks for itself. If you have the chance, get out to True Skool and check it out. (And on the way, pick up some Cornish delicacies at Reynolds Pasty Shop on 35th and Burleigh. Just a suggestion.)

Miguel! (Photo by Sarah Patterson's iPhone)

-Out takes! First, Miguel (pictured above) gives a full and uncut treatment of his painting, including his Japanese inspirations:

-Two students talk about their sketches (unfortunately I didn't get pictures of them or their work), but it's wonderful to get an insight into their creative processes:

-Jasmine shares what surprises her about the students:

Learn more about True Skool here ! Learn more about their Urban Arts Program here ! And then, go out and see them (and us) tomorrow at MAM After Dark !

P r o duced by: Adam Carr


(Photo by Sarah Patterson's iPhone)