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"Make Milwaukee": Week 4 | True Skool's Chavez Drive Mural


Security Guard Larry! (Photo by Sarah Patterson's iPhone)


Listen: In the Milwaukee area, graffiti has been the topic of some high profile conversations in recent memory. Wherever you stand on that conversation, there is no doubt that artists like Elliot Patterson, co-founder and lead artist of True Skool, use cans of spray paint to create works of art that galvanize communities and enrich the culture of our entire city.

Listen as Sarah and Elliot Patterson share how one of True Skool's most recent murals came together through the input of the surrounding community and the output of skilled graffiti artists: As it turns out, I was familiar with a number of True Skool's murals, but didn't know they were involved with them. So keep your eyes peeled -- their incredible murals are all over the city. And if you know a space that could use a community mural rich with culture and history, True Skool is always looking for new projects and challenges.

The Chavez Drive Mural (Photo from True Skool)

You can find bigger and better photos of this amazing mural here.

-More! We stood in front of the mural and Elliot goes from left to right, giving a detailed description of the symbolism and inspirations of the mural:

(Photo from True Skool)

-A community mural ought to come from what the community wants to see. Listen, as Elliot talks about how the ideas for the mural came together: -Completed this past summer on a wall that had formerly been heavily tagged, you might expect that the Chavez Drive mural might attract some defacers:

Learn more about True Skool here ! See more of their community murals here! If the images or descriptions of these murals interest you, they are much more affecting in person, so get out and see them! Also, I'm hoping to post a True-Skool-curated list of local community/graffiti murals soon.

P r o duced by: Adam Carr

(Photo by Sarah Patterson's iPhone)