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"Make Milwaukee": Week 5 | The Milwaukee Art Museum's Street Seen


Listen: Welcome to Week 5 of Make Milwaukee! This week, we'll enter the world of Julia Taylor, President of the Greater Milwaukee Committee. Besides being a talented photographer in her own right, Julia qualifies to be our tour guide for a week of Make Milwaukee because she flat out loves the arts. I asked each of our tour guides not to be an expert on "The Arts," but rather, to be an expert on what gets them excited about Milwaukee's creative communtiy. As her pieces unfold this week, I'm sure you'll agree that Julia knows where it's at.

We start the week in one of Milwaukee's most recognizable creative venues -- the hallowed halls of Windhover Hall and the Milwaukee Art Museum's Calatrava wing. So how did the folks at MAM follow up their Warhol exhibit that got so much local and national attention? With a flawlessly curated exhibit, as challenging as it is aesthetically rewarding. Lucky for us, we managed to track down curator Lisa Hostetler to give us a madcap tour of this phenomenal exhibition. Listen carefully -- it's a gallop, not a canter:

If I ever need to remind myself of how fun this campaign has been, this sequence really drives it home: Me: You want to show us something? Lisa: Yeah, I want to show you this exhibition I curated!

Clearly, our photos of the photos don't hold a candle to the real Mccoy, but hopefully you get an idea..."]

 -Out takes! The whole shebang -- it actually took about 12 minutes. Download it here, put it on a portable MP3 player, and try to recreate Lisa's tour on your own! Our path as a little windy, but if you're sharp, you can follow: -Everybody that enters the gallery probably comes out on the other end with one or two favorites. In this short piece of tape, Julia shares her favorite -- when you're checking out the exhibition, see if you can find your own:

Since Lisa's tour, I've already been back to the show two times. Really, it's that good. Learn more about the show here, and more importantly, get down to MAM, as the show can't go on forever.

P r oduced by: Adam Carr