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"Make Milwaukee": Week 7 | Fred Gillich

Listen: The second to last installment of Make Milwaukee! This week, I took a turn sherpa-ing for  expedition leader Mike Brenner, a man of many talents and careers, nearly all of which have revolved around Milwaukee's arts community. This week, Mike brought me to folks who have exhibited around the world and choose to make Milwaukee their home. The natural question -- If you can manage to make a living anywhere, why Milwaukee?

Mike introduced me to Fred Gillich, Milwaukee-based design renaissance man. His work has been seen all over the world, as he's found a great deal of success turning music and music culture into visuals (to hear it described in Fred's own words, listen below in the out take section). In the piece below, we hear how Fred's career in designed was inspired by ostracism, music therapy, and Black Sabbath:

Short little anecdote -- in this campaign, we've been asking members of Milwaukee's creative community to show support for somebody who's work gets them excited. So, after our interview with Fred, Mike and I had some car troubles and an interview across town. Fred graciously let us hop in his van and he took us to our next stop! And then back to the car! Talk about a generous community!

-Out takes! In this first piece of tape, Fred gives a little bonus story about his time in the coat room: -Fred's illustrious career, in his own words: Fred is a great storyteller and cool dude, and his work as a designer ain't bad either. Check out his website to see some of his work.

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