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"Make Milwaukee": Week 7 | Della Wells

Listen: Last year's Make Milwaukee campaign was a series of interviews with working artists that hop scotched around Milwaukee's arts community without a definite direction. This year, we handed editorial control over to folks invested in Milwaukee's creative community. So what did those two approaches have in common? As it turns out, Della Wells.

The first time around, Della's name chanced across our desk. This year, our tour guide for Week 7, Mike Brenner, brought me to Della's living room to chat about art. While our conversation touched on a wide range of interesting topics, I found the stories from young-artist Della to be most compelling. Listen, as Della shares her early career:

A lot can change in a year. If you have the time, compare and contrast what we produced with Della last year and our product this year.

-More! The continuation of Della's art career. Above, you heard that she left art-making at the age of 18. Almost 25 years later, she got back on the scene with some encouragement from the right places: -Being a "local artist" that exhibits around the country, Della discusses how we view artists that work in our community: If you want to learn more about Della, her amazing work is all over the internet.

P r oduced by: Adam Carr