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Sound Travels Friday

Marcus here with your extra fly Friday mix you were fishin' for. Lots of up-tempo tunes here for you, mostly on the new(ish) side. Sometimes I od on the old-school so I busted out new material from Nacional Records artist Anita Tijoux, a Chilean rapper who has quickly become an artist I can't stop listening to. Female emcees a focus, as I also have music from Spanish rapper Silvia Amal. A favorite from just last year, the exuberent vibes of Malawian Esau Mwamwaya and his band The Very Best who owe super-producer Switch some props for getting their sound to match their name. What starts as a hard, bangin' set of dance grooves with hip hop flavor quickly finds the funk by the time we get to Afrobeat-smith Chico Mann and continues to the end through the lens of Cuban ex-pat Cassiano. Cassiano's music is hard funk fashioned in his Brazilian digs. The end is with a favorite, Fred Fisher Atalobhor, here sounding very Toot's & The Maytals with flourishes that are pure African Juju, and some of the best surviving material from a the  Asolo Rock movement out of Nigeria that somehow never really materialized. Sad story, but a funky end to a warm Friday in need of some African chill-out music... Sound Travels Friday Fly Fishin' Mix Brazzaville "The Clouds in Camarillo (with Minerva)"   21st Century Girl Anita Tijoux " Crisis de un Mc" 1977 Felipe Gonzales "Mambo One" Amsterdam Klezmer Band "Sadagora Hot Dub" Beginners Guide To Buddha Lounge Silvia Amal "Firdaus y La Libertad" Palabras De Libertad Amsterdam Klezmer Band "Immigrant Song (Remixed By Yuriy Gurshy)" Remixed The Very Best "Warm Heart of Africa (featuring Ezra Koenig)" Warm Heart of Africa Chico Mann "Say What" Cassiano "Cassiano" Fred Fisher Atalobhor & His Ogiza Dance Band "Say The Truth" African Carnival

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