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"The Neighborhood Project": Martin Drive | Jerry and Jessie

Listen: Like many of Martin Drive's residents, I met up with a couple friends from the neighborhood at Birdie's on a Saturday morning. Of course in my case, they were brand new friends and a good portion of our conversation was recorded, but the experience still had a feeling of authenticity to it. I met Jerry Burns, who moved to the neighborhood with his wife 22 years ago, and Jessie Tobin, who just bought her first house with her boyfriend last October. Clearly, two people in different phases of life, but there's certainly a lot in common. In this piece, Jessie and Jerry go back and forth about why they came to the neighborhood: "It's like we're surrounded by Milwaukee icons..." I love that line.

Not sure how these relate... but... mmmmmmm

I asked Jessie to give something that surprised her about Martin Drive. While she knew about the active neighborhood association before moving in, she had no idea how many activities they put together. The first she experienced? This past holiday season, she found a gaggle of carolers (led by Jerry) at her doorstep:

I will never be able to resist letting somebody sing in an audio piece (because it always sounds so good!). Keep that in mind, in case we ever end up face to face for an interview.

Interested in Martin Drive? You can learn more about them at their neighborhood Facebook profile , and of course, you can always go and check it out for yourself !

Produced by: Adam Carr