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"The Neighborhood Project": Martin Drive | Joey Remixed!

Listen: If you follow this blog or the community storytelling we do at 88Nine, it would probably not shock you that: (a) I find endless joy in interviewing folks and editing audio and (b) I am in love with music. A substantial part of my job is matching music to the mood of the interview -- I'm not necessarily pushing the accompanying song to the foreground, but rather creating an active background that highlights the unique character of the speaker. That being said, I've always wanted to create a "dance remix" of an audio piece. Just a silly whim. And as things turn out, the two parts of Joey Zocher's audio tour of Washington Park just happened to be the perfect source material. So, I took the pieces, smashed them together, and mixed in Lindstrom's "I Feel Space ," a seminal piece of cosmic disco. Nothing fancy -- just a little self-indulgence. I hope you enjoy what I've dubbed the "Joey takes you to Washington Park and then on an intergalactic journey to outer space remix" of her awesome bike tour: Didn't like this one? It's okay. Given how much work I usually have, I probably won't be doing this too often. Like it? Let me know -- I'll make more.

Produced by: Adam Carr