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"The Neighborhood Project": Martin Drive | The World Famous Martin Drive Planters

Listen: Sometimes all the ingredients are there and it just takes the recipe to bring it all together. Two summers ago in Martin Drive, Pat Mueller was looking for a way to get kids from the neighborhood involved in a project that would enrich both their summer, as well as the community. So, she combined some old concrete planters she'd procured from the city, a wonderful community artist, and a little elbow grease from the Martin Drive youth, to create a new symbol of neighborhood pride.

In this piece, Martin Drive superstar Pat Mueller, fantastic mosaic artist Muneer Bahauddeen ( we last crossed paths with him during our 2009 Make Milwaukee campaign), and Martin Drive youth Zoey tell us how it all came together: Sometimes, the dots are all there -- they just need a little inspiration and energy to connect them. And you can see the planters for yourself! There are three of them scattered throughout the neighborhood, so you can think about it as a miniature scavenger hunt.

Interested in Martin Drive? You can learn more about them on their Facebook neighborhood profile , and of course, you can always go and check it out for yourself !