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"The Neighborhood Project": Walker's Point | A Tour of the Milwaukee Brewing Company

Listen: Despite the fact I've grown up in Milwaukee, I've never been on a brewery tour before. I know, I know. Sacrilege, right? Well, one of the very best parts of this job is exploring the city, challenging myself to find and record brand new experiences. On my walking tour with Jennifer and her daughters, we happened to be passing the new home of the Milwaukee Brewing Company on 2nd Street, and she asked me if I wanted to peak in. Why not?

Inside, I met Jim McCabe, owner of the Milwaukee Ale House and Milwaukee Brewing Company, who gave us a super-condensed, impromptu tour of his young brewery. Join us! (Jim was kind enough to grab me a delicious glass of Baltic Porter before our tour, so before you hit the play button, pour em' if you got em'): While I did challenge Jim to give me a "two minute tour," the actual recording was a bit longer. He threw out a ton more information about the equipment, their sustainability efforts and relationship to Lake Michigan, how they're making a shift towards packaging their craft beers in cans, their plans for the future (see below for Jennifer's artist rendition of their future design) and much more. If you'd like the full version, I'm sure Jim would be happy to give it to you.

Want to learn more about the Walker’s Point? You can start at the Historic Walker’s Point Association website . And of course, you can always get down to the neighborhood yourself and explore .

Produced by: Adam Carr

What the operation will look like in the near future