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"Make Milwaukee": Local Filmmaker | Brad Pruitt



Hey Milwaukee, this is Production Intern Benjamin Wick bringing you some left overs. We wrapped up the Make Milwaukee Campaign a few weeks ago, but check out this piece about local artist Brad Pruitt.

I've been helping Adam produce some of the audio pieces here and I wanted to share this story I've been working on and (finally) finished.

Listen: Director, producer and award winning writer, Brad Pruitt’s latest project, titled “Mark My Words” highlights some of Milwaukee’s most talented spoken word artists. “Mark My Words” is a documentary in progress that follows eight Milwaukee poets and spoken word artists for a full twenty-four hours. Pruitt has worked on social documentary features, independent films and television.

Here he talks about why he wants to show the side of the artists that the audience rarely gets to see. You can also hear some clips from one of the artists featured in the film. "Mark My Words" is slated for release later this year. Background Music: Saul Williams: "Scared Money" Brant Bjork: "Indio" Produced b y: Benjamin Wick