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"The Neighborhood Project": Lindsay Heights | Melissa Goins of Maures Development Group

Listen: Thus far, most of our time in Lindsay Heights has centered around Walnut Way, in the neighborhood's southern half. For this piece, we head north across North Avenue and find ourselves at the intersection of Center Street and Teutonia Avenue, at the brand new Teutonia Gardens. While neighborhoods like the Beer Line, the Lower East Side, and even the Walnut Way have seen a fair amount of new construction and renovation in recent years, this section of Lindsay Heights has not seen the same influx of investment. However, in the past 4 years, a young real estate developer has changed all that. Before listening to the audio piece we produced with Melissa Goins, President of Maures Development Group, take a listen to her remarkable and unlikely personal story: Melissa leaves us in 2006, we she had about as many ideas as she had questions. Listen, as a 24 year old tries to put together a multi-million dollar development: As Melissa is an incredibly busy person, I met her at her offices on MLK Jr. Drive. However, this is one of those stories that almost seems too good to be true. So yesterday, I biked over to Teutonia Gardens (and paid a visit to Handsome Barbers -- more on that soon!) and there it stood. Bright, shiny, and waiting for Melissa to build it some neighbors. Incredible. Want to learn more about Lindsay Heights? You can start at with Zilber Neighborhood Initiative the Walnut Way Conservation Corp , or even our Neighborhood Project series with Johnsons Park . And of course, you can always get out to the neighborhood yourself and explore .

Produced by: Adam Carr