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"The Neighborhood Project": East Tosa | Tuesdays At Ten Story Time with Molly

Listen: When I arrived at Cranky Al's at 9am this Tuesday, there was a moderate hum of action -- a few folks finishing their cup of coffee, a woman reading a novel, a student tapping away at his laptop. However, at 9:30am, it seems as if the floodgates opened, with a torrent of mothers and children filing in until it was just about standing room only. What was the occasion? The crowd was gathering for their weekly fix of Tuesdays at Ten Storytime with Moll y.

Through singing and storytelling, Molly was able to engage the kids and teach them some really interesting lessons about birds -- I even managed to learn a few things. Listen to the voices of Tuesdays At Ten: Someday, I'll figure out how to effectively interview infants and toddlers. Someday.

You can learn more about Tuesdays At Ten Storytime at Molly's wonderful blog. And of course, you can always check it out in person. Interested in learning more about East Tosa? The best place to start is their neighborhood website . And perhaps even better, get out to the neighborhood and check it out yourself !

Produced by: Adam Carr