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"The Neighborhood Project": Clarke Square | Intro Tyna Rule

Listen: West of Walker's Point ( week two of this year's Neighborhood Project) and east of Silver City ( who were covered in the Neighborhood Project last year), Clarke Square is a neighborhood that you probably know, but perhaps not by name. While many simply refer to this area as the "South Side," the neighborhood's identity and culture is far richer and multi-faceted than the designation "South Side" implies. We'll be approaching Clarke Square from a number of different angles this week, but if you'd like to get a head start, check out what the  Zilber Neighborhood Initiative's put together for the neighborhood. They have a great map of the a rea, as well as a quality of life plan that serves as a great introduction to the neighborhood. Our first two audio pieces feature neighbor Tyna Rule, a longtime Clarke Square resident and an exceptionally committed community organizer. In this first piece, hear how Tyna took issue with a problem property on her block and eventually got one of her neighbors to help her do something about it. That neighbor was then mayor John Norquist: In this second piece, Tyna gets into a topic I've been thinking about quite a bit during this campaign -- Why do folks invest so much of themselves in their communities? What motivates them? Where does that drive and sacrifice come from? Want to learn more about Clarke Square? You can start at with Zilber Neighborhood Initiative or perhaps Journey House's website . And of course, you can always get out to the neighborhood yourself and explore .


Produced by: Adam Carr