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A Crusade for Beats.

Today's Seven O Clock sample is going to go in sample the Hall Of Fame. It's a great original and a great rework.This week we are exploring the sounds of the Chemical Brothers...

Tom and Ed are not afraid to grab a funky loop to sample, and in today's example, they rework the sample in one of those ways that makes the case for sampling as an art form...

Check out their hit "Block Rockin Beats" and carefully listen to that opening bassline...

There is no doubt that's a funky bass lick, but where did it come from?

In 1971, the "Jazz Crusaders" shortened their name to "The Crusaders" , and adopted ajazz-funk style, which really ushered in the genre which came to be known as "jazz fusion". They also incorporated theelectric bass andelectric guitar into their music. The electric bass of Bass guitaristRobert "Pops" Popwell was featured on the group's 1974 release SOUTHERN COMFORT, which featured this super funky track...

A Crusade for Beats.

Crusaders - The Well's Gone Dry

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