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Freebie | Milwaukee's Haz Solo Remixes Milwaukee native and NYC based Signif

I have always been impress with Milwaukee Haz Solo as an MC; however, I really dig his production. It has that abstract jazz, head-nodding vibe that is missing from hip hop today. Recently, he re-interpreted tracks from Milwaukee native, NYC based MC Signif's album Transition. The production compliments Signif's flow like peanut butter and jelly. As far as hip hop remixes in 2010, this is some of the best I have heard all year along. Some highlights are the songs "Make Moves" feat. Milwaukee's Prophetic, and "Afternoon Jazz." Simply bliss. Grab it while it is still hot.Also check out the video for Unleashed directed by none other than Milwaukee's Spike Jonze - Daren Cole of Alphabang Productions.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee