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Video | Quadron, "Herfra Hvor Vi Star"

I featured the duo Quadron as a "Don't Sleep On" artist a few months ago. This Danish duo does soul and r&b right. Their music has the passion and emotion that is missing in today's mainstream, mostly homogeneous soul and r&b scene in this country. The passion and emotion is quite evident in their latest video for the song "Herfra Hvor Vi Star", which is off their debut release on Plug Research. The video was shot by the amazing blog Yours Truly.Also check out their video for the song "Buster Keaton", which happens to be one of my favorite songs from the album.Bonus | Quadron Podcast (via Plug Research)

Quadron has gathered a small amount of tracks that they appreciate and hope that can inspire you. They were so inspired that they even made an exclusive track to start the mix. We hope you like it.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee