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"The Neighborhood Project": Havenwoods | Beba Tisjlar

  Listen: In the over 2 square miles of the Havenwoods community, there are countless individual stories from residents past and present to choose from. In that sea of narrative, I managed to track down Beba Tisjlar, a 35-year Havenwoods resident who's perspective on the neighborhood feels at the same time well-worn and surprisingly fresh. Listen, as Beba and I chatted about her Havenwoods experience on a sunny Spring day: I really love Beba's voice. And when I say that, I don't just mean her accent (which I do find incredibly charming) -- her opinions and outlooks have a wonderful frankness and certainty to them.


Want to learn more about Havenwoods? You can start at  the Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation’s wonderful website. Also, you’re probably more familiar with the neighborhood than you realize — take a drive somewhere between 43rd to 76 th Street and Silver Spring to Good Hope and look at the neighborhood with new eyes.

Produced by: Adam Carr