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"The Neighborhood Project": Harambee | Julia Doyle

(Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries directly before this interview -- these are photographs of the neighborhood I particularly liked)

Listen: Julia Doyle lives in Harambee. She owns a home in the neighborhood, walks to her workplace on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, and puts in time everyday to improve her community in one way or another. A full life, yes, but one that she takes on with no hesitation. While we were talking, I could actually hear the depth of her commitment, and below, I'm sure you will too.

In this first piece, Julia first gives her definition of "community organizing," discusses how she organized her community, and finishes by demonstrating what community organizing actually sounds like. Intrigued? Take a listen: Misperceptions can have a remarkable impact on a community and the individuals who call that neighborhood home -- an impact that requires a great deal of work to counteract: Want to learn more about Harambee? You can start at  the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative blog. You can also check out  the Harambee Connection section of the Riverwest Current.

P roduced by: Adam Carr