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Sound Travels: New World Mondays

All new, every Monday; get used to it. I Really am enjoying starting the week off right with something new right out of the gate. Benn into this groove now since  Sound Travels went daily and today's set was solid. Sonia Bazanta Vides, better known as Totó la Momposina, is an Afro-Colombian singer from the northern Colombian town of Mompox in the Bolívar Department, Totó comes from a family steeped in the musical traditions of their community, incorporating the many elements of Colombian culture, indigenous and otherwise into her songs. Her latest is out now and has a handful of solid songs and this excellent one as well... Toto La Momposina "Manita Uribe"  La Bodega

Eduardo Magalhães de Carvalho, otherwise known as Dadi, has been lurking among the greats of the Tropicalia movement. While Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque do Hollanda, Gal Costa, Bethânia and several other artists led, formed and fronted their own groups, garnering much of the glory, Dadi appeared to be content to play his myriad instruments—including bass and  guitar—behind stars like Veloso, Marisa Monte and Carlinhos Brown among others.  Thankfully, that time is done as he has his own band and on his second release Bem Aqui he acquits his more famous peers by enlisting their talents on his set. The album thoroughly good, and if you're a fan of MPB or Tropicalia, not to be missed. Dadi "Devo Lhe Dizer"  Bem Aqui

Jadal is an Arabic Rock Band from Amman, Jordan.  Another interesting fact, Jadal is one of the first Arabic rock bands in their area and one that seems to have picked up a lot of praise not for trying to woo a Western audience.  But rather for aiming at local favor even as their folky-soulful sound resonates with globally oriented cats like me. Opting to cover legendary Egyptian artist Abdel Halim Hafez (of Jay-Z sampled fame)  "Kol Ma Gool Al-Tobah" as they hit paydirt with songs like "Salma" which is currently a big hit in Jordan. Known for their live performances and music breaks boundaries, Jadal is an interesting challenge to the traditional music scene in Amman. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here. But if it's like the song here, it'll be a good place. Jadal "Selma"  Arabic Rocks

Gogol Bordello is, roughly speaking,  gypsy-punk band that we really should already be playing. All i can do at the moment to rectify this apparent quasi-tragedy, is by making sure you get a batch of this recent freshness. The new album is produced by the legendary  Rick Rubin and finds the band a bit more focused as a result. Eugene Hütz, Gogol's lead singer is in fine form taking the party forward and making you a bit more progressive and cooler for it. This actually may not be the best song on the album, but I sure liked it. Gogol Bordello "Raise the Knowledge" Trans-Continental Hustle

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