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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Nate Cooper at Running Rebels

Listen: The Running Rebels Community Organization is one of Milwaukee’s gold standards when it comes to keeping youth engaged in positive activities. Take a brief look at  their programming and you’ll see a commitment to engaging young people on their terms. And if you take a trip to their building on Fond Du Lac and Walnut, that dedication will come to life in the faces and voices of the young people using their facility (later this week, check back for a post on Davian, a talented young man I met at Running Rebels).

Back in November, I did  an interview with Executive Director Victor Barnett for our Meet the Need Campaign and during that interview, he mentioned the names of a few young men who stuck out in his mind. One of those names was Nate Cooper, who I had the great fortune to meet during this campaign. Nate certainly is an exceptional person, and his story certainly matches his character (scroll to the bottom for the audio piece).

Below, you’ll see a photograph of the middle school boys Running Rebels Basketball Team, who are currently tenth in the nation, and preparing to compete at the national championships in Florida in just a few weeks. Wish them luck!

To learn more about the Running Rebels,  check out their wonderful website , and you can always  arrange a visit to their building on Fond Du Lac and Walnut . Also, check back later this week for another post.

Produced by: Adam Carr