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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Angelique at the Walker's Point Transitional Living Program

Listen: During last year’s Meet The Need campaign, Todd Witt from the Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center came in for a conversation on how they approach the challenges of youth homelessness. In that interview, he made very apparent the complexity of this many layered issue, especially how it effects young people. This time around, I made the trip to their Transitional Living Program on Layton Boulevard to meet their youth first hand.

I sat down with Angelique Simmons, a youth who has recently entered the Walker’s Point Transitional Living Program. First, get to know Angelique a bit:

Now, listen to her story. As we were speaking, I could barely believe both the circumstances she’s been dealt as well as her immense level of acceptance and understanding:

Want to learn more? Visit the Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center’s website and learn more about their Transitional Living Program.

Produced by: Adam Carr