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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Ms. Liberty at Hopkins Street School

Listen: In our initial conversations for our 2010 Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Project, we learned of an MPS program that seemed like it would be an ideal collaborator based on their name alone —  the Milwaukee Public Schools’ Safe Schools/Healthy Kids Initiative. And when I met with Kristy Cole of Safe Schools/Healthy Kids, our shared purpose became immediately apparent — their umbrella of programming hits just about every one of our Safe Haven focuses. So, as the summer and the Safe Streets, Healthy Kids campaign progress, keep your ears peeled for tie ins with MPS’ Safe Schools/Healthy Kids.

My first tie-in with Safe Schools/Healthy Kids was their Parenting With Love And Logic class. I spoke with a few parents who have enrolled in the classes (listen for those next week in our focus on Learning), but this week we’re actually featuring Ms. Liberty, an educator who took the classes to help better connect with her kids:

At the end of the piece, you hear Ms. Liberty reciting a short poem with some Hopkins Street School kids, and that last sequence was barely edited — she actually just walked into a classroom, gathered the children around, and she immediately had them bright and enthusiastic.


Want to learn more? You can start by heading to the  Milwaukee Public Schools’ Safe Schools/Healthy Kids website , then  their Parenting With Love and Logic sub-site , and finish at  the general website for Parenting with Love and Logic .

Produced by: Adam Carr