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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Devin and Kori in the 88Nine Studios

Listen: This week, our Safe Streets, Healthy Kids focus is Family and the Home — we’re approaching this topic from a number of angles, which means we’ve worked with a number of different organizations. However, in addition to these groups, I wanted to feature a relationship between parent and child. But where do I find that pair? Especially one that feels comfortable enough to open up in an interview?

Through a wonderful coincidence, our Sponsorship Manager Devin Hudson had her daughter Kori into the studios just as I was thinking about how to pinpoint a parent and child. So, we sat down with some microphones and got into their relationship. In this first piece, Devin and Kori reflect on their favorite times together: see podcast below.

Next, I asked for an example of when they had friction — when they both weren’t quite in accordance on where the boundaries should be set:

Putting together these pieces with Devin and Kori was especially rewarding for me, as I know them both in a context entirely outside of interviewing. The opportunity to take a shot at translate their dynamic to audio pieces? Wonderful.

Produced by: Adam Carr