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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": The Most Interesting People In The World - Perion, Victory, and Gabriella

Listen: During every campaign, I find myself immersed in a different Milwaukee-microcosm, whether it be Milwaukee’s rich arts community, our engaging neighborhoods, or the folks working on the front lines at non-profits. And in each of these focuses, I have the chance to give a fair amount of thought to each topic. So, what have I learned this summer from working with youth?

Kids are great. They are funny and creative and imaginative and can be remarkably honest. However, most kids won’t be that way immediately – it can take a little work to arrive at a level of comfort where they’re willing to open up. In these two pieces, I spent some extra time listening, and as these kids became comfortable, their personalities began to shine.


First, brothers Perion and Victory (going into 6 th and 7 th grade respectively) kept me thoroughly entertained on a long walk with the Hopkins Street Walking Club. Listen to these hilarious and sharp young men: see podcast below.


And because I’m pretty sure Perion and Victory are comedic savants, here’re some of the collected out takes from their audio piece:

Recently, I’ve discovered the most fun thing in the world to do — right after they tell it, ask a kid to explain a joke. Really, it is my new favorite activity:

Prod uc ed by: Adam Carr