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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Artists Working in Education at the Park Formerly Known As Cleveland Park

Listen: This past holiday season, on Day 42 of our Meet the Need campaign, we featured an interview from Sally Salkowski-Witte with  Artists Working in Education. Due to the demands of that campaign (50 orgs in 50 days!) the interview needed to be an in-studio affair, which didn’t allow me to present a full picture of what they do — the pieces were more of a tell than a show. So, now that it’s summer time and the Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Project is in full swing, I had a chance to go out in the field and fill in that blank!

I biked down to Robert J. Modrzejewski Park (formerly known as Cleveland Park), a small park on the Kinnickinnic River Parkway, where I had a chance to check out their mobile truck studio in action. I was met by a throng of kids getting messy and painting scenes from their community: see podcast below.


To learn more about Artists Working in Education,  head over to their website . And if you’d like to check them out in person, and I have to say it’s totally worth it, check out their summer schedule here . Finally,  learn more about Robert J. Modrzejewski Park’s namesake here .

Produced b y: Adam Carr