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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Getting to Know the Students of Project Excel

Listen: These days, it’s a pretty common activity to sit down and try to describe yourself in words and pictures. Whether it be Facebook, a MySpace account, or even your professional LinkedIn account, you consider some component of who you are and then present it to the world. And when I take a moment to pause and consider the depth of the information I’m providing — movies I like, favorite music, maybe a quote that caught my attention — it makes me wonder exactly what I’m saying about myself. At Project Excel, they took the task of self-presentation, and worked it into a project that allowed students to think about themselves with a bit of depth.

Project Excel is an alternative school in Walker’s Point for high school students who have gone on probation. This summer, they’re offering a number of their students to create art projects that will eventually be put on display. As they showed me some of what they’ve done, a particular project caught my eye. Listen as Jamika walks us through a poster board she created that explains “Who She Is:”

Next, listen to Osvaldo doing the same with his poster board: see podcast below.

Produced by: Benjamin Wick