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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Arts at Large En Route to the Zoo

Listen: As I’d mentioned at the end of my recent post on Big Brothers Big Sisters, when I’m interviewing two people, I really like to make them interview each other. And this isn’t because I’m shirking my responsibilities as interviewer — coming into an interview, oftentimes the greatest challenge is making the interviewee feel at ease. So, if you’re speaking with someone with whom you are already familiar, that’s one less thing to worry about when you’re talking on mic.

A couple weeks back, we heard Arts At Large at the Milwaukee County Zoo as they cleaned out a moose pen and took on a messy art project. However, this piece is about what was going on pre-zoo. Northern Irish Teens from the Ulster Project were matched with grade schoolers from Green Bay Avenue School for the trip and then we all hopped on the bus. As an ice breaker, both for them and myself, I had a few pairs interview each other: see podcast below.

You can learn more about the many programs administered by Arts At Large here , the incredibly interesting Ulster Project here , and finally, you can check out the Milwaukee County Zoo’s website .

Produced by: Adam Carr