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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Arts at Large and the Animals

Listen: Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard quite a bit from the trip Arts At Large, the Ulster Project, and Green Bay Avenue School took to the Milwaukee County Zoo. And that’s no accident — while we were there, I could almost hear the pieces come together as saw their relationships and excitement unfold. Their trip had so many fascinating levels to it, and there’s one that hasn’t taken center stage yet — the animals.

So, as a grand finale, I present young people who live halfway around the world from each other geographically and one might assume culturally, talking about and reacting to animals:


I heard that piece over the air yesterday, and remarked “that piece just sounds like one big, long smile.” Right?

Out takes! As you can imagine, after a day spent following adorable and sharp kids with a microphone, I certainly wouldn’t end up with a shortage of great material. And while the piece is packed with wonderful moments, there were plenty I couldn’t quite fit in. Enjoy!

You can learn more about the many programs administered by Arts At Large here , the incredibly interesting Ulster Project here , and finally, you can check out the Milwaukee County Zoo’s website .

Produced by: Adam Carr