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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Neu Life Community Center's Peace Circle

Listen: For quite some time, I’ve been hoping to do a piece that let me take part in a restorative justice circle (actually, awhile ago I had a chance to do a piece on a restorative justice event at UWM and a 4th Street Forum). In Milwaukee, there’s no shortage of good work being done in this field, and I simply could not let our week-long focus on self-expression pass without finding a way to incorporate a piece on the issue. I found that opportunity at Neu Life Community Center.

At Neu Life, a group of teens engaged in a multi-week class where they learned how to function in a Peace Circle. Listen, as three Neu Life teens share some of their experiences about the process: see podcast below.

Being an organization that has a strong focus on engaging their youth on their own terms, Neu Life has a wonderful Facebook page . You can also listen to their feature from last winter’s Meet the Need campaign here or  learn more about restorative justice here.

Produced by: Adam Carr