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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": The Charming Students of First Stage

Listen: After taking a peak inside their stirring Beginning of Day assembly and a sit down with a long-tenured student, we wrap our time with First Stage by meeting three of their star students. Dean, Osha, and Benjy have all had a number of years to explore and grow within the First Stage family, and talk about what the program has meant to them: see podcast below.

Don’t you wish you had friends like them? Or that you could join them at the First Stage Summer Theater Academy? If they knew there was demand, maybe First Stage’ll create an adjunct program for adults…

Out takes! In this interview, there was an exceptional amount of insightful and quirky audio that I couldn’t fit into the piece. That being said, listen to Osha talk about what made her feel more comfortable on her first day at First Stage:

In this piece of tape, Dean gives a touching account of what First Stage means to him. Then, he says “My home is like everything to me. My family, my walls, my tubes that go over the ceiling…”

Wait, what was that last one? Tubes that go over the ceiling? I think he was talking about the ventilation shafts, which you can see at the top of the photographs included in this post. But you can never really be sure…

Produced b y: Adam Carr